Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are the BEST programs to join if you want to promote and protect local, sustainable agriculture and receive the freshest seasonal food available. A CSA program is different from a subscription box program in that it is managed directly by the farm that is growing the food. It allows the farm to receive a retail price for its products instead of the 40-60% wholesale price.

When you join our CSA program, you get to eat the freshest, local, organic produce in the area and Rise ‘N Shine gets to focus on growing good food and worry less about how to sell it. Joining our CSA helps keep your food money in the local economy and ensure that sustainable farms can exist in North Georgia. You get to have a direct relationship with the person growing your food and where it is grown. You also get to have a direct relationship with the seasons and the weather and play a vital role in supporting local agriculture.

How does it work?

Sign up online by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button on our website at When the season starts, come to your delivery point at the specified time and pick up your share of the harvest.

It’s that simple!

Shares consist of 5 to 10 different certified organic produce items grown on our farm in Northwest Georgia. Occasionally we may buy items from other local, sustainable growers such as honey, corn meal or blueberries to add to the share. Each week we send out newsletters with news and pictures from the farm along with a harvest list for that week and recipe ideas.

We also offer meats and cheeses from local, sustainable farmers for sale separately on our website. These are delivered along with produce shares and eggs so they can all be picked up at the same time.